Yoga Day 2022: Nargis Fakhri says ‘it can get difficult to constantly be a fit role model’

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Rockstar actor Nargis Fakhri is hooked on yoga for as long as she remember. On International Yoga Day 2022, she told Hindustan Times that she tried her hands on yoga when she was in Manhattan year ago and had a free pass for a monthly yoga class as a gift. She said, “I fell in love with kinds of yoga instantly.” (Also read: Nargis Fakhri says she took a mental health break from Bollywood)

Nargis is currently in California. When asked about how she is keeping herself fit these days, Nargis shared, “I’m a follower of yoga but I also incorporate other things into my fitness regimen. I love Pilates. I’m doing a lot of weight training these days with swimming, treadmill cardio and some HIIT exercises. I like to mix things up because it makes thing exciting for me. I think when you keep a mix, you tend to lose weight faster.”

Nargis says she is drawn to yoga since it is much more than just physical exercise. The 42-year-old Bollywood actor said, “Yoga is not only for weight loss. Yoga is one exercise for me, which is for the body, mind and spirit. This is why I love it so much. When your body is healthy and your mind is not, it’s not going to get you anywhere, it’s vice versa. You need a combination of both.”

So, does it get difficult for Nargis to always be in the spotlight as an actor with the constant pressure to look fit and fab all the time? She responded, “Definitely, the pressure is on! There are a lot of fit men and women in the industry. It can get difficult to constantly be a fit role model. We are human and tend to slack off some time.”

Nargis recently made a splash when attended the 75th annual Cannes Film Festival, followed by the 22nd International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA) held at Abu Dhabi. Talking about walking on the red carpet after a gap, she said, “It feels amazing to be on the red carpet again. The most fun part is getting dressed up, you get to wear designer clothes, jewellery, and get your hair and makeup done. Obviously, we don’t look like this every day. It made me very happy to be on the scene again.”

Nargis’ private life often interests her fan. “I’m single until there’s a ring on my finger. That is my only comment!” she said with a smile when asked if she is single or seeing someone.

Nargis revealed that she currently has four scripts that she is considering. “Things are going to happen this year for sure and you will see me on screen next year. I am waiting to see myself back on the screen,” she signed out.

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