Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update September 14: Akshara hides inside Birla’s house to see Abhimanyu

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In the latest episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Akshara is in trouble while attempting to visit Abhimanyu at the Birla house. Aarohi tries to find out why Abhimanyu called her. Meanwhile, Maya feels grateful for Akshara. Keep reading this article to find out more updates. Also read: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai recap: Dr Kunal blackmails Akshara about Kairav

Akshara worries about Kairav

Ever since Akshara has come to Udaipur, she is not able to connect with Kairav. She threatens Dr Kunal that she will expose his truth to Maya if he doesn’t help her talk with Kairav. He finally gives in and Akshara gets to interact with Kairav to find out he is safe and sound. Further, she realises that she can’t have Kairav be in hiding throughout so she has to meet Abhimanyu and seek his help to save Kairav but the question is, will Abhimanyu help? Keep reading HT highlights to find out.

Meanwhile, Aarohi comes to the Birla house to spy on Abhimanyu and finds out about Akshara’s whereabouts. She visits him in his room and comes across Maya’s video that he keeps on listening to. She informs Mahima all about Abhimanyu’s behaviour. Mahima decides to look into what happened in Jaipur that made Abhimanyu look for Akshara once again. Back at the hotel, Akshara decides to go to the Birla house to see Abhimanyu in-person and make sure he is okay.

Akshara comes to see Abhimanyu

Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations begin at the Birla household. Akshara comes in hiding amid the crowd. She goes to Abhimanyu’s room and finds it has changed so much since she left. Abhimanyu is in the bathroom and assuming that Manjiri is outside, he asks her to give him his clothes. Akshara obliges and hands him the clothes.

Later, Akshara hides behind the curtain while Abhimanyu prepares to leave for the veneration. Manjiri also joins in but both of them fail to notice Akshara in the room. However, the real twist is yet to come. Akshara witnesses the Ganesh puja while hiding in some room upstairs. Accidentally, she drops a pot and the family members get suspicious. Harsh runs upstairs to find out if someone is hiding in the house. Akshara runs but unfortunately falls on the ground. Harsh comes right after her and is just about to see her in Abhimanyu’s room but thankfully, Akshara manages to get out right on time.

In the upcoming episode, Abhimanyu will call Maya to join the Ganesh Chaturthi event in his house and sing for them. How will Maya manage to hide her secret now? Will Abhimanyu ever find out that it is actually Akshara singing for Maya? Read the next written updates to find all answers.

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