Yami Gautam: Haven’t felt nervous even with films which didn’t do well, I knew the result beforehand

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Yami Gautam’s next film, Lost, found itself getting a hearty response at it’s Asian premiere, which took place at the 53rd International Film Festival of India (IFFI). Talking to us after it ended, she gushes, “Actually, I was not nervous, I am quite excited by the response we got. You do get nervous, but not when you are prepared with what’s going to come, amnd you are reasonable with your understanding of how the film has shaped up. I don’t think I have felt nervous even with the ones which have not done well, because I know the result. I have mostly been correct with my understanding and predictions so far.”

Then how is she able to give her 100 percent on a film set, if she already has a feeling of it not doing well upon it’s release? Gautam smiles and replies, “You still have to give your 100 percent. You still chose to be a part of that film, you are still on that set. I don’t think you can ever cheat that, unless it’s such a bad experience in terms of behaviour, or something which is beyond your dignity. Until it reaches that point, you have to give your best, and do justice to the best of your ability.”

The 33-year-old goes on to explain that it has happened with films in the past, where she tried to save them. She says, “You still try to reason out with the director, and salvage, what can be worked out. I am one of those people who won’t leave till the end. What can be done, is there anything? Let’s sit post pack-up and see if we can tweak the performance. I have done that with two-three films of mine, and yes they didn’t turn out to be the way I wanted. But I was prepared. In terms of my work, you can’t say I was bad, because I think I did justice to myself and my sensibility.”

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