Xiaomi Mi Mix to feature 'liquid lens' camera - ET Telecom

Xiaomi Mi Mix to feature ‘liquid lens’ camera – ET Telecom

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Xiaomi Mi Mix to feature 'liquid lens' cameraBeijing: Xiaomi is planning to bring back the Mi Mix series at the March 29 launch and now ahead of the launch the company in a teaser revealed the phone will have a camera with a liquid lens.

A liquid lens contains an optical-grade liquid and is controlled either mechanically or electronically. The liquid lenses are tensile and can quickly change the focal length. They also take up less space compared to a traditional lens, reports AndroidAuthority.

According to Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun, the company’s self-developed liquid lens will be controlled through a motor to achieve precise and rapid focusing.

The liquid lens also takes up less space than the traditional lens, which will give OEMs more flexibility to add extra features.

In practical terms, such a lens can be both a macro and a telephoto lens, depending on the use case.

The Mi Mix is expected to be a foldable smartphone and will sport the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, just like the Xiaomi Mi 11 series.

Back in 2019, Xiaomi teased the foldable phone and since then, we have seen some leaks. In reality, some of the leaked samples of the foldable phone made the Internet rounds with the Mi Mix branding recently.

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