What Sushmita Sen did when she caught a 15-year-old boy misbehaving with her: ‘His life could’ve been ruined’

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Sushmita Sen celebrates her 47th birthday on Saturday. She has always been the calmest, most gentle Bollywood star ever and makes sure that’s how she deals with everyone in her life as well, even the worst people that she comes across. The actor is often lauded by fans for how sweetly she speaks with everyone and never loses her cool. The best example of this came forward when she spoke about an incident that could boil anyone’s blood but she decided to stay calm and composed even during that.

During an event a few years ago, Sushmita was asked about any experience that might have had with molestation and harassment. She recalled the incident when a young, 15-year-old boy tried to inappropriately touch her. However, how Sushmita dealt with it will surprise you.

Speaking to the media at the event, she said about the incident, “Because there were so many men there, he thought I wouldn’t notice who did it. So I grabbed his hand and I was so shocked when I pulled him up that he was a little boy. For a misbehaviour like that, I could have taken lots of other actions but because it was a 15-year-old boy, I grabbed him by his neck… as if I was saying hello to him…I took him for a walk and said it on our way that if I make a hue and cry about this right now, your life will be over baccha.”

“I said, ‘Nahi beta, kara toh aapne (I said, ‘No you have done it)’. Now acknowledge it with honesty that you did it,” she told him. When the boy accepted his fault, she told him, “Ok. Aapko pata hai aapki zindagi kharab hojaegi (do you know your life will be ruined)?” He promised her that he will not do it again. She told him that even if he did, she has seen his face.

“That’s the difference. I recognised in a 15-year-old boy that he’s not been taught that this kind of thing is not entertainment. It’s a very big mistake,” she said about the whole episode.

Sushmita never got married and has two daughters–Renee and Alisah. She was last seen in the second season of Aarya. She will be seen next as a trans woman in Taali.

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