What Is Causing Some iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 Models to Lose Colour on Aluminum Body?

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Apple’s iPhone is said to be one of the most well-built smartphone out there. The company’s foolproof design strategies are quite sought-after for those who prefer the clean and clutter-less look. However, the build quality of the iPhone is something that is coming into question quite a bit after reports of iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models losing colour have started doing the rounds. According to several reports online, some iPhone 12 models have been losing colour from their aluminum chassis.

A report in SvetApple.sk shows a PRODUCT(Red) iPhone 12 losing colour from the side of the frame near the power button. The iPhone 12’s colour faded to a slightly orange shade, as per the images shared in the SvetApple report. The SvetApple report said that several posts in Apple discussion forums also highlight the same issue, but with the iPhone 11 or the iPhone SE (2020). The user reports on Apple forums weren’t necessarily for the PRODUCT(Red) colour option of the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE (2020).

In some cases, the iPhones were carried in covers, the SvetApple report says. The report says that in cases where the user had a cover, the chemical reaction with the silicone surface of the case can not be riled out. The iPhone 12 shown by SvetApple also had a transparent cover attached, but the publication says that no fading appeared in the charging connector, microphone, and speaker.

According to a MacRumours forum member, coloured aluminum can fade under the influence of UV radiation and the special red colour is very sensitive to pigment change. He gave the example of red coloured cars, which also lose colour if exposed to direct sunlight.

Apple does not take complaints for such issues, as they fall under the cosmetic category and do not have any effect on the iPhone’s functionality or usability. Hence, there is nothing you can do if your Rs 80,000 starts losing colour after a couple of months of use.

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