We asked GPT-4 about its impact on the Indian job market, here’s what it said

We asked GPT-4 about its impact on the Indian job market, here’s what it said

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Elon Musk-backed OpenAI launched the ChatGPT-4 earlier this month. The new model is said to be more sophisticated and better than its predecessor, the GPT-3. As promising as the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots may sound, the fear that it may take over human jobs keeps lurking.

We asked GPT-4 about its impact on the Indian jobs market and whether it will take away jobs or create more jobs. As expected, the AI bot replied saying ‘I can’t predict the future with certainty’. It then goes on to say that it can provide insights based on existing trends and observations.

“The impact of Al models like ChatGPT on jobs can be both positive and negative, depending on various factors,” it states.

Now, let’s read the insights shared by ChatGPT.

Talking about potential job loss, the AI bot said that “ChatGPT and similar Al technologies have the potential to automate certain tasks that previously required human intervention, particularly in customer service, content creation, and data analysis. This could potentially lead to job displacement in these sectors”.

A screenshot of ChatGPT-4's reply

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A screenshot of ChatGPT-4’s reply

It further mentions that AI can perform some tasks faster and more accurately than humans, thus making certain job roles ‘less relevant over time’.

In its reply, ChatGPT also lists out factors that can result in job creation. Al technologies like ChatGPT, it says, can open up new job opportunities in areas such as Al development, research, and implementation. However, these roles may require different skill sets and expertise, creating demand for new talent.

The answer further mentions that Al can be used as a tool to augment human capabilities, making people more efficient and productive in their jobs. This could lead to the creation of new roles that work alongside Al technologies, rather than replacing existing jobs, it states.

On economic growth, ChatGPT said that the increased efficiency and productivity enabled by Al technologies can contribute to overall economic growth of the country, which may result in new jobs indirectly in various sectors.

ChatGPT concludes its answer saying that the impact of Al technologies like ChatGPT on jobs in India or any other country will depend on factors like government policies, industry adaptation, workforce skills, and education systems. It suggests that emphasizing on reskilling and upskilling, as well as fostering a culture of lifelong learning, can help individuals adapt to the changing job market and capitalize on new opportunities created by Al advancements.

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