Vijay Varma opens up on his ‘tragic’ dating life: ‘I was broke, this girl used to give me ₹5000 or so monthly…’

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Vijay Varma had recently opened up about getting marriage proposals from Pakistan, France and Canada. Now, the actor, who was seen with Alia Bhatt in the Netflix film Darlings, has spoken about navigating finances in a relationship. In a new video, Vijay revealed getting ‘ 5000 monthly’ from a woman he once dated. The actor also said he was ‘broke’ during most of his dating years. Also read: Vijay Varma gets marriage proposals after his latest post

Earlier in September, Vijay had said that the online hate he had received for his character Hamza in Darlings had now made way for marriage proposals for him. He had shared screenshots of some quirky proposals he’d received in his DMs after he had shared a clip of himself on Instagram. However, in a latest video featuring Vijay Varma, the actor spoke about his ‘tragic’ dating life.

The actor spoke about his love life in a new video shared by online dating app, Bumble India, where he said, “It is very tragic because most of my dating life happened when I was broke.” When Vijay was asked if he was a ‘fan’ of prenuptial agreements before marriage, the actor said, “I think that’s a very wise thing to do. Yeah.”

During the course of the video, the actor also spoke about how paying bills on a date could become awkward for him. “There were girls, who were violently against me paying… This girl, she used to give me 5000 or something like that… monthly…” Vijay was joined by social media personality Srishti Dixit on episode 3 of the Bumble India series Dating These Nights.

Vijay was seen as Alia’s alcoholic and abusive husband in Darlings, which also starred Shefali Shah and Roshan Mathew. The film released on Netflix on August 5. Apart from Mirzapur 3, Vijay’s upcoming projects include Dahaad with Sonakshi Sinha, and Sujoy Ghosh’s Netflix film co-starring Kareena Kapoor and Jaideep Ahlawat. It is based on the 2005 Japanese novel, The Devotion of Suspect X.

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