Vijay Varma gets marriage proposals from Pakistan, France, Canada after his latest post. See his hilarious responses

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The online hate Vijay Varma received for his character Hamza in Darlings has now turned into marriage proposals for him. The actor, whose portrayal of the domestic abuser had left his mother worried about his marriage prospects, revealed that he has been instead receiving several proposals on Instagram. He also gave hilarious responses to the proposals, some of which came from his fans outside of India. Also Read| Vijay Varma’s mom panicked watching Darlings, worried no girl will marry him

Vijay took to Instagram Stories on Friday to share a boomerang video of himself, and revealed that he has arrived in Lucknow, where he will be shooting for the third season of Mirzapur. He then shared screenshots of some quirky marriage proposals he received on the post in his DMs.

The first screenshot showed a girl from Lucknow messaging Vijay, “Also talk to my parents about our marriage now that you have come here.” Replying to it on Instagram Stories, Vijay said, “That’s the sole reason I have come to Lucknow.” Another fan from Pakistan texted Vijay, “Please come to Pakistan to talk to my parents,” and he replied, “I’ll come immediately after finishing this Lucknow schedule. Mirzapur’s filming will happen when it happens.”

Vijay was left laughing after a fan quoted Amitabh Bachchan from his Gujarat tourism advertisement to lure him to the state. The fan wrote, “Gujarat is the best, come here. Bachchan Ji says ‘kuch din to gujaro Gujarat mein (spend some days in Gujarat).” Vijay replied, “Hahahahaha I can’t even. You used Big B to set yourself up with a boy.”

Vijay also got a marriage proposal from Canada. As a fan invited him to come to France next, telling him that her mom is waiting for him, Vijay said, “I don’t even meet my own parents so much.” Meanwhile, men were also amused by seeing these proposals, and one of them texted Vijay, “What is going on here. Make them understand that you are an actor, not”

Vijay portrayed an alcoholic and abusive husband in Darlings, which also starred Alia Bhatt, Shefali Shah, and Roshan Mathew among others. The film released on Netflix on August 5. Apart from Mirzapur 3, the actor has Dahaad with Sonakshi Sinha and The Devotion of Suspect X with Kareena Kapoor and Jaideep Ahlawat in the pipeline.

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