‘Very soon’: Akshay Kumar gives update on his Indian passport application

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Actor Akshay Kumar has often been criticised as ‘Canadian Kumar’ by social media trolls for his Canadian citizenship. In 2019, during a session of Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, Akshay had promised that he would soon apply for an Indian passport. Three years later, he has shared an update.

Hindustan Times chief managing editor-entertainment and lifestyle Sonal Kalra asked Akshay about his Indian citizenship process on the final day of Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2019. He said he knew she would ask him about it. “Having a Canadian passport does not mean I am any less of an Indian. I am very much Indian. I have been here since last nine years when I got the passport. And I don’t want to get into the reason of why, what happened, my films were not working, blah blah blah, chalo woh theek hai,”

“Yes, I had said it in 2019, I applied for it. Then uske baad pandemic aagaya. Uske 2-2.5 saal sab kuch band hogaya. Renounce ka abhi mera letter aagaya hai (Then the pandemic happened and everything shut down for 2-2.5 years. My renounce letter is here) and very soon my whole passport will be coming.” When Sonal said that he does intend to do it, he said, “Main kya karu, maine thodi pandemic laya hai (What do I do. I didn’t bring the pandemic).”

Another criticism that Akshay took head on is how people often troll him for taking on too many projects in year. He said he doesn’t understand why that is a problem at all. “I do four films a year. Yes, I do it. I do ads, sure. I work, not stealing from anyone. I don’t understand. People ask me why do you get up early? But, morning is for waking up, right. I don’t understand what I am doing wrong. I will work. I will give 50 days if required and 90 days if needed,” he said.

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