Uncharted first reactions: Tom Holland’s film is called ‘enjoyable enough’, ‘bland popcorn entertainment’; RT rating out

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The reviews of Uncharted are out. From being called ‘enjoyable enough’ to ‘bland popcorn entertainment’, the film has received mixed responses.

Directed by Ruben Fleischer, Uncharted is set to release in the theatres on February 18. It stars Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, Sophia Ali, Antonio Banderas and Tati Gabrielle. The live-action movie is based on the popular game of the same title.

ComicBook.com’s Tanner Demon said, “For those uninitiated to Uncharted, let Holland be your Nate and shelve this movie next to your Pirates of the Caribbean and Indiana Jones collections. The more fervent fans may never see their favourite characters translated as well as they’d like, but we’ll almost certainly be getting more movies after this one, so it’s best to look at Uncharted the same way it views itself – not too seriously.”

As per Cheat Sheet film critic Jeff Nelson, “#Uncharted is bland popcorn entertainment. This franchise deserved better. Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg feel significantly miscast in essentially an amped-up version of National Treasure.”

Taking to Twitter, crKristian Harloff wrote, “So #UnchartedMovie #uncharted I think that people who don’t know anything about the game are going to be surprised with how much fun it is BUT as someone who played the games, I had to separate myself from what I wanted and what I got.”

Insider correspondent Kirsten Acuna wrote, “#Uncharted is enjoyable enough. Feels like they cherry-picked some of the best/most recognizable set pieces and levels from the franchise and tossed them together in here for a new adventure. 3rd act gets a little silly, but those who love Tom Holland will have a good time.

As per Discussing Film, “Uncharted is far from the worst video game movie, but that’s not saying much when you have miscast leads and a subpar script.”

African-American Film Critics Association critic Leo Rydel tweeted, “#Uncharted well, I really enjoyed Tom Holland’s, Nathan Drake. He and Mark Wahlberg grew on me through the film as their chemistry got better. But horrible editing, lacklustre villains and side characters, and pretty bad CG. The story wasn’t too bad but nothing groundbreaking. 6/10.”

Uncharted has a 51% on Rotten Tomatoes, as it ranks alongside video game adaptRampage and Tomb Raider. As per ComicBook.com, Uncharted would come in at number 7 out of 47 (tied with Rampage) if it sticks with the current number.

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Uncharted follows the story of a young street-smart Nathan Drake (Tom) and showcases his first treasure hunting adventure with wisecracking partner Victor Sully Sullivan (Mark). Uncharted is produced by Charles Roven, Avi Arad, Alex Gartner and Ari Arad. The film will be released by Sony Pictures Entertainment India in IMAX and 4DX across four languages–English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu in cinemas.

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