TMC ‘connects’ Goa with Bengal

TMC ‘connects’ Goa with Bengal

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Three days ahead of West Bengal Chief Minister and Mamata Banerjee’s maiden visit to Goa ahead of the Assembly elections in Goa, TMC leaders Saugata Roy, Mahua Moitra and Babul Supriyo released a document titled ‘People’s Chargesheet’, listing out “20 years of political instability, misrule and suffering for the people of Goa”.

The leaders also made a case for the “connect” between West Bengal and Goa, which made Goa a “natural destination” for the TMC. “Goa and Bengal are connected by heart. Two states that play football. What is your staple food? Fish and rice. We do the same… In terms of our entertainment, the way we think, the way we eat, if you see the number of Bengali tourists who come to Goa every year, you will understand that this is a very natural destination for the TMC…,” said Supriyo, a former Union minister and BJP leader.

About fighting the perception of a political party from “outside”, Moitra said, “If you are thinking of protecting what is important for Goans then you need to look at Bengal because we were the only state that defeated them (BJP) and we held on to our Bengaliness and our cultural values…”

The ‘chargesheet’ was also aimed at the Congress. Moitra said, “In the last 32 years, only 83 women contested out of 1653 candidates in Assembly elections (in Goa). That is one of the reasons we are here. TMC has given women 41 per cent reservation in Parliament.”

Goa BJP general secretary Narendra Sawaikar tweeted, “Post poll violence is the true colour of TMC and it’s leadership. With the blessings of Devi Shri Shantadurga, Goans are wise enough to understand and do that which subserves Goa’s interest.”

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