This is how much top Google executives earn annually, leaks suggest

This is how much top Google executives earn annually, leaks suggest

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Google employees were reported to have earned an average total compensation of $279,802 (approximately 2.3 crore) in 2022, according to a leaked internal spreadsheet. This places them among the top earners in the tech industry within the United States.

As per the leaked spreadsheet, accessed by Business Insider, it unveiled the pay scale for different positions within the tech giant. Alongside revealing Google employees’ average total compensation for 2022, the leaked document provided insights into the company’s remuneration structure across various roles.

Based on the spreadsheet, it was revealed that software engineers held the top position as the highest earners within the company, with a maximum base salary of 718,000 (approximately 6 crore) in the year 2022.

The data from the leaked internal spreadsheet highlights the total base salary in 2022 (approximate value when converted from USD to Rupees) for various positions at Google. Topping the list as the highest earners were Software Engineers, earning around 6 crore.

Following closely, Engineering Managers earned approximately 3.28 crore, while positions in Enterprise Direct Sales and Legal Corporate Counsel, along with Sales Strategy, received a base salary of around 3.09 crore and 2.62 crore, respectively.

The list continues with UX Designers at 2.58 crore, Government Affairs and Public Policy roles at 2.56 crore, Research Scientists at 2.53 crore, Cloud Sales professionals at 2.47 crore, and Program Managers at 2.46 crore. These figures place Google’s employees among the most well-compensated professionals in the tech industry in 2022.

However, it is essential to note that the data presented above only accounts for the total base salary in 2022 for positions within Google and does not encompass salaries from other ventures under Alphabet, Google’s parent organization. 

Meanwhile, Google is reportedly planning to try out a new tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help journalists. According to a report by New York Times, the American tech giant will use a powerful technology called large language model (LLM) to develop the tool, which is also the foundation of AI systems like ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and Google Bard. 

Reportedly, the main purpose of this tool is to support news writers by helping them write news articles. Google also sees it as a personal assistant for journalists. 



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Updated: 21 Jul 2023, 11:59 AM IST

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