There Are Great Discounts On Apple iPhone 12, MacBook Air, Apple Watch And More At Just This Store

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The largest Apple Flagship Premium Reseller Store is now open for business in the Delhi NCR, or the National Capital Region. Unicorn, that sells Apple products under the UNI brand has launched the flagship store at Pacific Mall in Tagore Garden in New Delhi. Unicorn says that the store has a modern look with an all-white theme, something that is quite the norm in Apple physical stores around the world. The UNI Apple Flagship Premium Reseller Store will have all Apple products up for sale, including the Apple iPhone line-up, the Apple Watch, Apple iPad, Apple MacBook, Apple iMac, HomePod Mini, Apple AirPods and more. As part of offers for the launch weekend, the store has some really interesting discounts and offers in place for the Apple iPhone 11, the Apple iPhone 12, Apple iPad (8th gen), MacBook Air and the Apple Watch. There are even more cashback offers for HDFC Bank credit and debit card users.

UNI Apple Flagship Premium Reseller Store is offering as much as Rs 29,900 discount on the Apple iPhone 12, the 64GB variant that is otherwise priced at Rs 79,900. This means that if you’re able to avail all the offers, the effective price of your new iPhone 12 will be Rs 50,000. The offers include a HDFC card cashback of Rs 8,000 as well as a Unicorn Instant Discount of Rs 7,990. Additionally, you can get as much as Rs 9,910 as trade-in value if you are exchanging an old smartphone and there is an additional exchange bonus of Rs 4,000. That totals to a maximum possible value of Rs 29,900 for all the offers combined, with the phone finally costing you Rs 50,000.

In fact, there is an even cooler deal on the Apple iPhone 11, if you don’t mind a phone that’s a generation old and yet very capable. The iPhone 11, the 64GB variant that otherwise costs Rs 54,900 can be yours for as little as Rs 29,000. That proposition should worry quite a few Android phones around that price point. You have Rs 6,000 as the HDFC cashback and Rs 5,490 as the Unicorn instant discount. You can get up to Rs 10,410 as trade-in value for an old phone you want to exchange with a Rs 4,000 bonus for exchange. That is a combined offer bundle worth around Rs 25,900.

If you are looking for spend on a laptop that’s slim and light, and maybe already eyeing a MacBook, things really don’t get much more powerful than the latest generation Apple MacBook Air with the Apple M1 processor that has Intel worried about coming up with a response. The entry spec variant of the MacBook Air, with the 8-core CPU and the 7-core graphics as well as 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD is priced at Rs 92,900. The UNI Apple Flagship Premium Reseller Store is offering an instant discount of Rs 8,000 and you can get an additional Rs 8,000 cashback for the HDFC cashback offer. You can trade in an old device which can get you a maximum of Rs 5,000 as trade-in value and another Rs 1,000 as exchange bonus. That means a combined offer value of Rs 22,000 and that means the new MacBook Air can be yours for Rs 70,900 effectively.

There are deals on the Apple Watch Series 6 variant that is priced at Rs 43,900 which with all the discounts, HDFC cashback and exchange offers can be down to an effective price of Rs 31,900. The Apple iPad (8th generation; 64GB; Wi-Fi) which is priced at Rs 29,900 can be had for an effective price of Rs 17,900 with all the offers combined. All these offers are available just this launch weekend at the UNI Apple Flagship Premium Reseller Store, and will end on March 21. Also, as per the requirements, the store will offer personalized setup and product support options as well as group demos and training. There will also be workshops in store on themes such as photography, music creation, art and design, to name a few.

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