Tesla AI Day 2022: Details on Tesla Bot, Dojo and more

Tesla AI Day 2022: Details on Tesla Bot, Dojo and more

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Tesla AI Day 2022 was celebrated on Friday to demonstrate how far the company’s autonomous robot and vehicle research has come. The event gave us a first look at the Optimus robot strolling around the stage, updates on self-driving software and a first look at the Dojo hardware powering Tesla’s AI research.

Here’s what we learned at the Tesla AI Day 2022:

The Tesla Bot walks on its own

The working version of the Optimus was unveiled after a loft delay. It weighs 73kg, packs a 2.3kWh battery and uses a third-party actuators to walk around and wave under its own power. The next Optimus version was hauled out to tease the audience,a sleeker model with metal casing covering its torso and limbs with Tesla-built actuators.

Interestingly, shortly after revealing the Optimus, Elon Musk tweeted, “There will be a catgirl version of our Optimus robot.” It is difficult to tell whether Musk was serious or not, but in response to a question during the Q&A period, he implied there could be different appearances for Optimus. He said, “We want to have really fun versions of Optimus. You can skin the robot in many different ways.”

Full Self-driving grows to 1,60,000 beta users

Tesla’s Autopilot team explained that they have come far with Full Self Driving which expanded its beta from 2,000 Tesla drivers last year t0 1,60,000 so far this year. It is only available in Canada and US, though Musk claimed that without regulatory issues to sort out with every country they would expand to possibly globally.

Additionally, Tesla engineers explained how they have sped up the car’s decision making capabilities from weighing options in milliseconds to 100 microseconds, which is ten times faster. The team showed how FSD’s tech sees the world around Tesla’s mapped in 3D geometry and makes choices based on what is around them.

Dojo is faster than stacks of GPUs

Tesla is starting to build a massive, custom-built stack of hardware called Dojo to train its AI on all the video its cars are picking up and beaming back to the company. To get the performance the AI team needs to churn through a 30 Petabyte footage vault, Tesla went dense with its hardware.

Tesla could loan out Dojo for companies to train their APIs

Tesla would certainly have its hands full building Dojo and integrating it to train their own AI but in response to a question from an AI Day audience member, Musk said the company probably won’t sell their custom cabinets as a business. Moreover, it is possible that Tesla sells compute time on a Dojo instead, much like Amazon Web Service, Musk therorised.

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