Telegram Voice Chats Getting Clubhouse-Like Features; Now Add Title, Record Live Audio and More

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Telegram Voice Chats feature rolled out in December 2020 to let users start a new form of ‘live talk’ directly on the app. The feature sat next to the existing voice call capability that has been available since 2017. The company is now updating the Voice Chats feature with new upgrades that makes it akin to the audio-based chatroom Clubhouse app. Telegram says that with Voice Chats 2.0, users can record voice chats, add unlimited participants, raise a hand during the live conversation, send invite links for speakers and listeners, put voice chat titles, and more. The update is available to Telegram users in India for iOS version 7.6. Android users can also enjoy these features and need to ensure that they are using the latest version of the platform. Telegram is also improving the platform with the latest update. For instance, Android users can now customise actions while swiping left or right in the chat list.

In a blog post, Telegram notes that admins of channels and public groups can now host Voice Chats for millions of live listeners. While announcing its rollout in December 2020, the company had claimed that Voice Chats could support “a few thousand participants.” Moreover, admins can now record audio during the ‘live talk’ and publish it for followers who missed the live event. Once you finish recording, the audio file becomes instantly available in your Saved Messages. To avoid surprises, chats that are being recorded are marked with a red light next to their title. Admins can find the recording option by clicking more (represented by three vertical dots) at the top left and select ‘start recording.’ In the same drop-down menu, admins can change the title of the conversation. It is akin to the Clubhouse’s chatrooms to allow users to know what discussion is taking place.

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Additionally, Voice Chats 2.0 on Telegram now has a ‘raise their hand’ option to allow participants to speak without interrupting the flow of the conversation. Moreover, the traditional bio can be used to state your area od interesting. Admins’ bio is now visible to participants to detail your expertise, interests, and more. Admins of public groups and channels can also create invite links that open the voice chat right away. Additionally, separate links can be made for speakers and listeners. Telegram says, “This way you won’t need to unmute important guests when they join – and they can use a different link to promote the upcoming chat to their communities.” The new update also allows users to enter Voice Chats with their channel name to avoid drawing too much attention.

As mentioned, Android users can now customise actions while swiping left or right in the chat list. Users can also resume playback from where they left off when listening to long voice messages. It was previously available for long videos and long audio tracks.

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