Tejasswi Prakash’s brother slams Karan Kundra’s brother-in-law for saying she is ‘not what most families seek’

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Tejasswi Prakash’s brother Pratik Wayangankar took offence to comments made about her by Karan Kundrra’s brother-in-law Gaurav Malhotra. Tejasswi and Karan, known as TejRan by fans, are contestants on Bigg Boss 15 and found love on the show.

Replying to a Bigg Boss 15 viewer who said that Tejasswi was unfairly targeted even though she and Karan ‘both did bitching’, Gaurav said, “TP herself claimed that sometimes she forgets that the cameras are there so kabhi kabhi uska asli roop bahar aa jata hai (sometimes her mask slips and her real self shows). That helped me to WAIT to see what her real self is AFTER the show ends because the TP I see in the show is not what most families seek. KK may know reality.”

Pratik called the comments against Tejasswi ‘ridiculous’. “Asli roop (Real self)… Most families won’t seek? Wow… Stop degrading her to this level for this competition. It’s ridiculous. Aise karke jeetna hai toh jeet jao… khush raho (If this is how you want to win, please take the trophy and be happy). Please see what all Karan has said and TEJU HAS SUPPORTED HIM NOT MATTER WHAT. Good going and all the best,” he replied.

Earlier, Karan’s sister Meenu Kundra replied to a fan’s request to ‘accept’ Tejasswi as it would be good for him. “Hun-I don’t know her from Adam to like or dislike her, I just can’t stand the way she treats my brother-I dislike the hurt she causes Karan-he is all that matters to me!” she replied.

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Karan and Tejasswi grew close on Bigg Boss 15 and now address each other as ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend’. She earlier said on the show that she is ‘in love with’ Karan. He later teased her, “Bol diya tune (You confessed), ‘I love you’,” as she blushed and tried to deny it.

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