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Take 5: I keep lemons in thermocol box with ice so they don’t go stale, says lemonade seller in Delhi

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A lemonade seller was beaten to death in Ghaziabad allegedly for using stale lemons to make the drink. Lemon prices have seen an unprecedented surge, with a single lemon retailing between Rs 10-15 in markets

🔴 How has the rise in lemon prices affected business?

I have been running the stall for 10 years. The prices have never been this high. I used to purchase lemons at a wholesale price of Rs 100-150 per kg. It’s now Rs 300 kg. So, I purchase less and sell fewer glasses.

🔴 With rising heat, is it tough to keep the lemons fresh?

I purchase lemons in small quantities. Several stall owners use stale lemons and add sugar to mask the taste. When I have extra lemons, I keep them in ice since I don’t have a refrigerator.

🔴 Has price of ice increased?

I get my ice from a wholesale supplier. I keep it in a thermocol box but it is too hot these days and the ice melts fast. I have to purchase 4-5 kg of ice in a day.  Earlier, it would cost me Rs 50-60, but now I pay Rs 100 for a day.

🔴 How have the sales been?

With Covid-19 cases increasing, the footfall has reduced again. Once the lockdown was lifted, I had decent sales. When it gets hot, more people want to have lemonade.

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🔴 Have you increased the price of your drink?

No. I sell a small glass of lemon soda for Rs 30. Despite the rise in lemon prices, I haven’t increased the cost. This is how I retain my loyal customers. I don’t make much profit but I can sustain the business.

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