Swiggy Genie delivery: Apple Watch Ultra worth  ₹82,999 stolen, users concerned

Swiggy Genie delivery: Apple Watch Ultra worth ₹82,999 stolen, users concerned

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Swiggy’s Genie delivery service has recently faced a concerning incident, raising concerns among users regarding the safety of their delivered items. The incident came to public attention when a Swiggy user’s friend shared a distressing experience on Twitter. In an attempt to receive his highly valuable Apple Watch Ultra through Swiggy’s service, the user was taken aback when the delivery person absconded with the prized device. 

In a recent incident reported by India Today Tech, a Swiggy user in Bengaluru encountered a troubling situation involving their valuable Apple Watch Ultra, worth 82,999. The user had accidentally left the watch at a friend’s place and sought the help of Swiggy’s Genie service to have it safely returned. 

However, things took an unexpected turn when the assigned delivery person arrived at the friend’s location, collected the bag containing the watch, and seemingly set off towards the intended destination. Shockingly, the delivery person suddenly cancelled the order, severed all communication channels, and vanished with the Apple Watch Ultra, according to the victim’s friend.

The report further elaborates that the Apple Watch Ultra, worth 82,999, was tracked after it was stolen during a Swiggy delivery. With the help of the iPhone’s location tracking feature, the owner followed the delivery executive at 2 AM. Following the trace of the watch’s location, they eventually located the delivery person at a Swiggy warehouse. Confronting the culprit, they successfully apprehended him in the act, as he had already opened the package and had the Apple Watch Ultra in his possession.

This incident has sparked concerns regarding the trustworthiness and security of Swiggy’s Genie service, causing users to be cautious about the possibility of theft and fraudulent activities. 

Reportedly, Swiggy has not issued an official statement regarding the incident yet, but according to a tweet from the victim’s friend, the company instructed them to send an email after the delivery person absconded with the watch. Currently, there is no information available regarding whether the victim filed a complaint or First Information Report in response to the incident.





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Updated: 14 Jul 2023, 09:53 AM IST

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