Sumbul Touqeer Khan is not obsessed with Shalin Bhanot, sees him as ‘father figure’, says her dad

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Sumbul Touqeer Khan’s father has said that the Bigg Boss 16 contestant cares about co-contestant Shalin Bhanot, but is not obsessed with him. Soon after Shalin and MC Stan had a fight on Salman Khan’s reality show last week, Tina said that Sumbul is obsessed with Shalin. When Shalin got upset with Tina, she told Sumbul that the latter took advantage of the fights between Tina and Shalin. Tina also said that Sumbul always comes ‘in between’ because she is also in love with him. (Also read| Bigg Boss 16: Gautam Vig says he expected Shalin Bhanot to walk out voluntarily)

Sumbul’s father Touqeer Hasan Khan told ETimes in an interview, “She isn’t obsessed with Shalin but is caring towards him. During the fight, even Soundarya was holding MC Stan back. No one noticed it, but Sumbul came into the limelight.”

He added, “Sab ek doosre ko kiss kar rahe hain, hug kar rahe hain, sab friends hain par agar Sumbul kare toh usko bola jaata hai (Everyone is kissing and hugging one another but Sumbul gets to listen to things if she does something). This has been happening since day one. Everyone knows that the more they target her, the more hype they will get. She has become a soft target.”

He even claimed that Sumbul saw a ‘father figure’ in Shalin because of “a couple of similarities between Shalin and Sumbul, including sharing a birthday”. He also said that Sumbul went through “something similar” (as she did after Shalin and MC Stan’s fight) when he had a similar incident five years ago.

During the weekend special episode, host Salman also talked about Sumbul’s ‘obsession’ with Shalin Bhanot. Sumbul started crying when Salman talked about it.

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