Step inside Sussanne Khan’s lavish home as she reveals her most prized possessions and gives a tour. Watch

Step inside Sussanne Khan’s lavish home as she reveals her most prized possessions and gives a tour. Watch

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Interior designer and entrepreneur Sussanne Khan, daughter of actor Sanjay Khan and ex-wife of Hrithik Roshan, has given her fans a sneak peek into her lavish abode. She revealed how she has used her son Hridaan’s artwork around her house, amid the many artworks she is fond of collecting. Also read: Sussanne Khan, boyfriend Arslan Goni enjoy ‘summer of 2022’ in US. See pic

Sharing the video of her house on Instagram, Sussanne wrote, “When You set your heart to follow what lights you up… magical things happen HELLOOpenHouse: Sussanne Khan.” As she opens the huge wooden doors of her house, walls washed in white with white couches and many big and small memorabilia fill the house. From a large portrait of a woman in a spacesuit to black and white giraffes and a wall especially designed for small artefacts, the house looks certainly the home of an art collector. A table with several family portraits is also seen in the living area and is the first thing to come in sight on opening the main door.

“I am basically, in my heart, a wanderer. I have always been a collector of arts and memorabilia because when you look at that thing, it reminds you of a certain time of your life. I wanted my canvas to feel… and I was very attracted to like a beach house. I created my nest for my boys, making all those memories very special for them, she says.”

She said that the artwork of her son Hridaan holds a very special place in her heart. She showed around pillows where she has used his art and said, “What he has been able to achieve at a very young age, he’s got really something special in him.”

Sussanne said that she picks up art that may not be of the same genre but gives her a spark in some way. She listed three things that she swears by – the natural and artificial light, quality over quantity and natural foliage while making arrangements of things in her house.

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