Spider-Man: No Way Home is 8th highest-grossing film ever with $1.5 billion in bank. Check out updated list of top 10

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Close to a month after it’s release, Spider-Man: No Way Home continues to break box office records. After it became the first film to gross over a billion dollars in the pandemic era, the film has now become the eighth-highest growing film of all time. Given that it is still running in many territories worldwide, it may rise even higher on the list.

Despite theatres being gradually shut across the world due to rising Omicron cases, Tom Holland-starrer No Way Home is continuing to mint money. Currently, it has made $668 million in the North American market, more than films like Titanic and Jurassic World. Trade analysts speculate that it may end up crossing the $700 million mark there.

Globally, it’s total earnings of $1.53 billion so far mean that it has surpassed The Avengers in the list of highest grossing films ever. The only two superhero films ahead of it are Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. That means it is now also the highest-grossing solo superhero film ever.

The top ten highest growing films of all time (not adjusted for inflation) is a list dominated by the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the entry of No Way Home, MCU now has four entries in the top 10- the others being Avengers: Endgame (at number 2), Avengers: Infinity War (at number 5) and The Avengers (at number 9). The list is led by James Cameron’s Avatar, which has earned almost $3 billion at the box office. Another of James’ blockbusters–Titanic–sits at number 3.

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No Way Home’s entry in the top ten also means that once again, the list comprises of only live action films. The dominance had been broken briefly by Disney’s Frozen II. With a total gross of $1.45 billion, it sits in the 11th spot. There is a children’s film in the top ten though. The live action adaptation of The Lion King is at number 7 on the list with total earnings of $1.65 billion.

Trade analysts estimate that given its pace and lack of competition from other releases, No Way Home could well go up to the sixth spot. But whether it will be able to touch the $2 billion mark remains to be seen.

List of highest grossing films of all-time (figures from Box Office Mojo)

1. Avatar- $2.847 billion

2. Avengers: Endgame- $2.797 billion

3. Titanic- $2.187 billion

4. Star Wars: The Force Awakens- $2.068 billion

5. Avengers: Infinity War- $2.048 billion

6. Jurassic World- $1.671 billion

7. The Lion King- $1.656 billion

8. Spider-Man: No Way Home- $1.536 billion

9. The Avengers- $1.518 billion

10. Furious 7- $1.516 billion


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