Sonu Sood helps Bihar’s ‘Graduate Chaiwali’ after her tea stall is seized by Patna authorities

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Sonu Sood has extended his help to Priyanka Gupta – popularly known as Graduate Chaiwali (graduate tea seller) – who runs a tea stall in Patna, Bihar. Months after Patna Municipal Corporation seized her stall during an anti-encroachment campaign, Priyanka was seen pleading for help in a social media video that went viral. (Also read: Sonu Sood urges people not to share leaked videos from Chandigarh University)

Priyanka is an economics graduate and started a tea stall near the Patna Women’s College earlier this year after she failed to secure any job over the past two years. In a new video that she shared earlier this week, Priyanka alleged that she was a victim of misogyny as several other illegal businesses continue to run in and around Patna, but hers is the only tea cart to targeted. She also claimed that she is being stopped from doing business.

News 18 shared the video on Twitter and Priyanka spoke in a broken voice as she continued to cry, “I thought of doing something different in Bihar and people were also supporting me but this is Bihar. Here, women’s status is confined to the kitchen. Girls do not have the right to move forward. So many other carts are there in Patna. So much of illegal work is being done in Patna – liquor is being sold (and so on). The system is not active there. But if a girl tries to run her own business, she will be bothered time and again. My lot is to be confined to the kitchen, sweep the floor, get married and leave home. There is no power to do my own business.”

A screenshot of Sonu Sood's tweet.
A screenshot of Sonu Sood’s tweet.

Sonu quote tweeted the post and wrote, “Arrangement has been done for Priyanka’s tea shop. No one will ask her to move away now. I shall soon come to Bihar and enjoy your tea.”

A glimpse of Priyanka's posts.
A glimpse of Priyanka’s posts.

Meanwhile, Priyanka has shared on Instagram that her first franchise tea shop will soon open in Gopalganj, Bihar. She also shared an ad seeking interest for a franchise shop in Vaishali. The post saw many people requesting to be part of the franchise in various parts of Bihar.

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