Sonam Kapoor talks about son Vayu’s privacy: Never had a bad experience with the Indian paparazzi

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Actor Sonam Kapoor has been living out of a suitcase, courtesy her back and forth to London, and Delhi, however, she admits “Mumbai is always going to be home,” for her. “I’m a Bombay girl, it is never going to change. My accent is a typical Bombay accent, always. Because of my pregnancy, I didn’t leave my house and I realise saare road khod diye hai (laughs). Hopefully, it’s for the best,” she quips, hinting at her recent tweet, where she slammed the construction work in the city.

Sonam, who was attending an event in the city on Tuesday, had paparazzi waiting for her outside the premises, to click her pictures. While Sonam is extremely comfortable with the papz, she is guarded about her child, Vayu’s privacy. She has requested the Indian papz to refrain from clicking his picture and she reveals they have obliged. “They don’t take photographs. The Indian paparazzi are not like that (invading privacy). If you request them not to do something, they won’t do it. I never had a bad experience with the Indian media or paparazzi. If I told them I do not want his photos taken, they wouldn’t take it,” Kapoor elaborates. Citing her mother Sunita Kapoor – who has always shied away from the limelight – as an example, Sonam further solidifies her statement: “My mother has asked them repeatedly to never take her photo, and when she asks them not to do it, her photos are not taken. So I know the Indian media will not cover him till I don’t allow it.”

Talking about the baby, Sonam admits that motherhood has made her more responsible. “You become more responsible as a human being (post motherhood). You give your time only where it’s needed and to what’s important. Your time is basically owned by someone else. My time is mostly for my son and husband. I love my work and that’ll also be an equal priority. Now your timings change. Frivolous things aren’t as important as you thought they used to be,” she explains. Ask her to name one frivolous thing out of her list and she quickly replies, “Scrolling on Instagram (laughs).”

As she mentions work, she also confesses she doesn’t “know what’s going on” in the industry. With the barrage of negativity that the Hindi film industry is facing, Sonam, 37, feels “it’s important to support each other”. “Every industry works like that. You also need to respect your competition. There’s space for everybody. And remember, social media isn’t real,” she signs off.

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