Sonakshi Sinha: People have never questioned my abilities as an actor

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Actor Sonakshi Sinha likes how things have been in her career so far. But going forward, she’s like something to change — she does not want to settle for small parts.

“I don’t want to be repetitive or portray characters that are not strong enough,” says Sonakshi, adding that she’s not referring to the typical damsel in distress kind of roles.

She elaborates, “If I have to play that at some point, it’s my job to portray every character. Tomorrow if I get to play a serial killer, I won’t say that I can’t do it. As an actor, you have to play different roles. In terms of importance of roles, I would like to be at par with the actors I am working with.”

The 34-year-old, who will be seen in films such as Double XL and Kakuda, says she doesn’t find the ‘commercial heroine’ image a hindrance in being considered for more meaningful roles.

Sinha reasons, “It all comes at the right time, everything falls into place. I have never strategised anything, or thought that at this point I will only do these certain kind of films. I was hoping to do everything right from the beginning. I did a film like Lootera right at the beginning of my career, right in the middle of those commercial films, because I wanted to do it. From the beginning, people have never questioned my abilities as an actor, so it wasn’t difficult for people to imagine me in certain kind of roles.”

She feels that the way the audience accepted her in films such as Rowdy Rathore (2012) and Dabangg (2010), made her believe that she can headline films too.

“Because I did films like that, that’s why I got to do films like Double XL. I am totally grateful that I could make a debut with a film like Dabangg. I got power, strength and courage to go ahead and pick films which are headlined by me,” she concludes.

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