Smriti Irani hints at more ‘saas’ jokes for daughter’s fiance: ‘Ab receiving end pe damaad hoga, bahu nahi’

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Smriti Irani, actor-turned-politician, has joked about her recent ‘saas’ (mother-in-law) comment adding that now her son-in-law will be at the ‘receiving end’ of her jokes. Recently, Smriti on Instagram had announced that her step-daughter Shanelle is engaged to Arjun Bhalla. As she shared the news, fans were reminded of her hit TV serial, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.

Taking to the social media platform, Smriti Irani shared a photo of Shanelle and Arjun. In the picture, the duo smiled as they posed for the lens. Sharing the picture, she captioned it, “@iamzfi, I and the entire family have been inundated with good wishes and blessings for @shanelleirani and @arjun_bhalla.”

“The love showered on the young ones humble us.. it is with a deep sense of gratitude I say a big ‘thank you’ to all… many who wish us have never met us nor known us personally however you send us your celebratory messages with such kindness .. we are overwhelmed. How can I ever thank everyone enough? Do keep our children in your thoughts and prayers as we keep all of you. P.S–many of you were delighted with the ‘saas’ wala comeback.. keep the laughter going .. after all, ab receiving end pe damaad hoga bahu nahi (now son-in-law will be at the receiving end).”

Reacting to the post, Uttar Pradesh MLA Aditi Singh commented, “Hahahaha I love the last line so much love to you and your beautiful family ma’am.” Smriti’s onscreen mother-in-law in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Apara Mehta wrote, “Smriti you will play this role also in the best possible way- I am sure.”

Recently, Smriti had shared photos of Shanelle getting engaged to Arjun. The first image showed Shanelle being proposed to at a picturesque location by Arjun, who went down on his knees for the special occasion. The second image was a smiling selfie of the newly engaged couple.

Smriti captioned the post, “To the man who now has our heart @arjun_bhalla welcome to our madcap family .. Bless you for you have to deal with a crazy man for a father in law and worse .. me for a Saas … (you have been officially warned) God bless @shanelleirani #newbeginnings.”

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Apart from Shanelle, Smriti has two more children Zohr and Zoish. While Zohr and Zoish are Smriti’s children with her husband Zubin Irani, Shanelle is Zubin’s daughter from his first marriage to Mona Irani.

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