Sheezan Khan cried continuously, told me to save Tunisha Sharma anyhow, reveals doctor from hospital she was taken to

Sheezan Khan cried continuously, told me to save Tunisha Sharma anyhow, reveals doctor from hospital she was taken to

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After CCTV footage from a hospital, where actor Tunisha Sharma was taken from the set of her TV show, surfaced online, a section of online users began questioning Sheezan Khan’s involvement in the case. Tunisha was found dead on Saturday on the sets of her show. In a widely-shared video, Tunisha was seen being carried to a hospital by the crew members, including her co-star Sheezan Khan, who is her ex-boyfriend. Now, a doctor from the hospital has revealed that Sheezan, who is a suspect in Tushisha’s death case, kept crying and requesting him to save Tunisha at the hospital. Also read: Tunisha Sharma’s last rites held, Sheezan Khan’s family attends

Tunisha allegedly died by suicide on December 24. Police investigating the matter have reportedly recorded the statements of 22 people in the case, including Shezaan Khan, who has been arrested on charges of abetment to suicide. The arrest was made on the basis of a complaint filed by the late actor’s mother.

Now, Dr Honey Mittal of the Vasai hospital, where Tunisha was declared brought dead, has told Midday, “On Saturday around 4.10pm, about 3-4 people arrived at the hospital with Tunisha Sharma. Her co-actor Sheezan Khan was also with them and he told me to save her anyhow. He was crying continuously. But her body was cold and when we checked her eyes there was no movement. We also did a confirmatory test and an ECG but we found a flat line and declared her dead. We also found a strangulation mark on her neck during the physical examination. Someone strangulated her or she hanged herself. We informed the cops about the body.”

“Khan was there late and crying continuously. He kept requesting me to save her. Tunisha was dead when she was brought to the hospital,” he added.

Tunisha and Sheezan were in a relationship and broke up two weeks ago as per reports. They worked together on the TV show Ali Baba Dastaan-E-Kabul. Amid the ongoing probe, Shafaq Naaz and Falaq Naaz, the sisters of Sheezan Khan urged people to give their family privacy. They said in a statement, “As much as everyone is eager to know the ‘other side of the story’, we are equally curious to know, but for time being we’d like for you to allow us privacy in this grave situation. Both families are victims at this point. Let the right time come and we will address the matter for sure. But this is not the right time. A death is a painful situation everyone needs to honour the privacy of the affected Families and give them the space to mourn and carry on with the funeral first.”

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