Shakun Batra says MTV Bakra ‘dragged on’ at the end, Cyrus Broacha replies ‘almost like Kapoor and Sons’

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Comedian and anchor Cyrus Broacha is known for his quick wit and comebacks. This is something Gehraiyaan director Shakun Batra discovered recently when he found himself at the receiving end of one of Cyrus’ jokes.

In a recent interaction, when Shakun tried to troll Cyrus over his popular hidden camera TV show MTV Bakra, Cyrus did not take the quip lying down and responded with a comeback, roasting Shakun for his film Kapoor & Sons.

Shakun and the cast of Gehraiyaan–Deepika Padukone, Ananya Panday, Siddhant Chaturvedi, and Dhairya Karwa–appeared on an interview with Cyrus Broacha for his YouTube channel Cyrus Says, where Shakun asked Ananya if she had ever seen Cyrus’ popular show MTV Bakra. Ananya quipped that she did, adding that she was too young then.

As the cast talked about the time when the show began, Cyrus interjected and said, “Our last season was 2010.” At this, Shakun tried to roast Cyrus and the show by saying, “But by then, it was dragging Cyrus. The good episodes were all earlier.” Cyrus responded with a comeback of his own. “After the first year, Shakun, I would say it was almost like the second half of Kapoor & Sons,” said Cyrus, referring to Shakun’s 2016 film. Cyrus’ comeback prompted loud laughter from Shakun as well as the rest of the cast. Ananya said, “Burn!”

MTV Bakra was a popular show that ran on MTV India for a decade, beginning in 1999. The show, hosted by Cyrus, saw him play hilarious pranks on unsuspecting people and often celebs too.

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Shakun’s latest release Gehrayiaan began streaming on Amazon Prime Video on February 11. The drama deals with the theme of infidelity and has largely received positive reviews from critics for its handling of the subject and the performances of the principal cast.

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