Shahid Kapoor felt he ‘will never look the same again’ after busting his lip and getting 25 stitches during Jersey shoot

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Shahid Kapoor revealed he ‘busted’ his lower lip during the making of Jersey. The actor hosted a live session on Instagram on Saturday evening to talk about his upcoming film Jersey and shared the details. 

The makers of Jersey, a remake of a Telugu movie of the same name, released the trailer earlier this week. During the session, he answered a bunch of questions posed by fans. One of whom asked Shahid Kapoor about his experience of training with a seasoned ball. It was then that he revealed the details. 

“I busted my lip on this film. My strongest memory of Jersey will be that I felt that I will never look the same again,” he said. He shared that the incident took place when he was practicing with a seasoned ball off camera. The actor confessed that on the said day, he chose to not wear his helmet and thus the injury took place. 

Deeming it ‘the stupidest thing’ of his life, Shahid said, “(The ball) busted my lower lip and we actually had to stop shooting for two months because of that. I had to get some 25 stitches. It actually took three months for my lip to feel normal — it still doesn’t feel normal. There’s a part on my lip (giving fans a close look at it) which I feel like its dead. I can’t move it. So I’ve given my blood to this film.” 



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Jersey marks Shahid’s second Telugu remake since Kabir Singh. The film, which was a remake of Arjun Reddy, collected over 250 crore at the box office. Speaking about the film’s success during the trailer launch, the actor confessed he had never experienced such success in his career and was uncomfortable. 

“After Kabir Singh released, I went like a beggar to everybody. I went to all these people who’ve made these 200-250 crore films. I’ve never been a part of this club, so it was completely new to me. Having spent 15-16 years in the industry, I never had such a huge grosser. So, when it finally happened, I didn’t know where to go, it was all new to me,” he said, as reported by Bollywood Life.

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