Salman Khan schools MC Stan, Shalin Bhanot for abusing on Bigg Boss 16: ‘Aapki ma aur beheno ko kyun gaali milti hai…’

Salman Khan schools MC Stan, Shalin Bhanot for abusing on Bigg Boss 16: ‘Aapki ma aur beheno ko kyun gaali milti hai…’

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Actor Salman Khan spoke about Shalin Bhanot and MC Stan’s behaviour on Bigg Boss 16.. The host said the contestants’ mothers and sisters were getting abused for no fault of theirs, simple because of the abusive language used by MC Stan and Shalin on the reality show. On Friday, ColorsTV released a promo video of the upcoming weekend episode featuring Salman, Shalin and MC Stan. Also read: Tina Datta is furious as MC Stan nominates her for elimination; Shalin Bhanot wants to slap him. Watch

The channel shared the Bigg Boss 16 promo video with the caption, “Shukravaar Ka Vaar mein Salman ne li Shalin aur MC Stan ki class (Salman Khan took class of Shalin and MC Stan in the Shukravaar Ka Vaar episode).” In the clip, as MC Stan and Shalin sat with other contestants on the living room couch inside Bigg Boss house, host Salman schooled them for consistently abusing on the show. Salman said, “Aap dono ki harkaton ki wajah se aapki ma aur beheno ko kyun gaali milti hai (because of your actions on the show, why should your sisters and mothers be abused)?”

In the clip, Salman was further seen challenging Shalin and MC Stan as he listed some of their words on the show. Salman said, “Mein aapko fill in the blanks deta hoon. Shalin ‘hoshyari mat… (let me play a game of fill in the blanks with you, Shalin ‘don’t act smart…’?” When the actor responded to Salman by saying ‘sorry sir’, Salman seemed to copy his body language, and said, “Aise kyun ho jate ho (why do you behave like this)?” Salman is then seen targeting MC Stan, and asking him to fill in the blank, “Uski… mein (I will…)?” Salman is seen getting upset and saying ‘come on’ towards the end of the clip.

In a recent nominations episode, MC Stan had taken Tina Datta’s name among the people, who should be nominated for this week’s eviction from Bigg Boss 16.. This did not go down well with Shalin, who told Stan to not act smart in response to a remark he made about Tina. In response, MC Stan told Shalin he will give the actor ‘ek lafa (one slap)’. Shalin then told Stan, “Tereko maar dunga yahin khade khade (I will give you a slap myself).”

Shalin and Tina were standing behind a makeshift wall during the nomination task. Stan was then seen walking towards Shalin, and yelling at him, “Ma-baap pe mat ja (don’t talk about my parents).” When Shalin told Stan that it was him who had started the fight, Stan told him in Hindi, “All my friends are watching this, do you want to live or not?”

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