Sajid Khan is not getting out of the Bigg Boss house, anytime soon

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Last week eliminations on the controversial reality show Bigg Boss 16 were stalled for the third time, leading to several fans of the show failing to understand the concept behind it. Interestingly, amongst others, filmmaker Sajid Khan was also nominated for the evictions. Soon, after the episode that was broadcasted last Sunday, several internet users spoke about their disappointment over Sajid’s retention. One of the fan pages, also tweeted, “#BiggBoss have saved their Daamaad and there is NO ELIMINATION this week.”

Now we have learnt that indeed the makers are saving the Himmatwaala director. From what we have gathered, Sajid has been given an assurance of being in the top six. “There have been a few contestants in the past, who have been given a minimum guarantee. Hina Khan, Siddharth Shukla, Rubina Dilaik were the few ones. Given Sajid is touted to be one of the ace contestants, he was given a minimum guarantee, that he will at least be in the top six and won’t be evicted before January. Furthermore, even if he gets violent with one of the contestants, chances are makers will bring him back,” an insider shares.

Moreover, it’s not just the minimum guarantee that Sajid has been given to lure him to participate in the sixteenth season of the show. “Makers convinced Sajid that the show will give him a makeover. His past involvement with #MeToo won’t be discussed on the show and if any other participant will bring the topic it will be edited out. You wouldn’t see Salman Khan (show host) screaming at Sajid like he loses his temper with other contestants,” a little birdie elaborates. Now Salman not losing his temper on Sajid could also be because the actor is close to Farah (Khan, Sajid’s sister and renowned filmmaker) and the family.

We have also learnt that Sajid has been given a hefty amount to participate in the show. Unlike other contestants who get paid weekly, Sajid has been paid a lump sum of around 3-3.5 crores. Apparently, Sajid could easily be touted as one of the highest paid contestants in the entire history of the show. Ironically, Sajid’s entry did bring a lot of attention to the show during its inaugural episode, however, the director is barely giving content to the makers. However, it seems despite that, he won’t be getting out.

We reached out to the channel, but there was no revert till the time of going to press.

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