Roopal Tyagi: Being fitter, losing weight was more about body positivity

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Actor Roopal Tyagi shares that she changed her lifestyle, did yoga and meditation and as a result feels more energetic than before.

PUBLISHED ON SEP 27, 2021 06:11 PM IST

Roopal Tyagi has been basking in compliments for her weight loss and has one advice for all: “Have patience and be regular.”

Roopal Tyagi before weight loss
Roopal Tyagi before weight loss

The actor who has been shooting for her TV show while not missing out on her workout, attributes her changed physique to her new found attitude. “My purpose was fitness, being more active and agile. I lost 8 -9kilos in over a year and I feel I look younger. My hair and skin look better too. I changed my lifestyle which is why I got results. For me, the goal was not losing weight but about body positivity. Before the pandemic, I felt I was not at my best, so I consciously made changes to my life, diet and workout. I practiced yoga and meditation. I even took a course Angamardana to understand yoga properly. I felt more energetic than before. In fact, I use to go to the gym for workout but didn’t feel this level of energy,” says Tyagi who even did the inner engineering course on meditation.

After the pandemic hit, like everyone, she was stuck at home and glad to have the knowledge of yoga. She practiced it religiously, happy to have learnt it from a professional. “Often, people watch Youtube videos and practice yoga. But I wanted training from a professional. There are so many little things about posture and your body that a well trained professional can help you with which often online videos don’t. I kept up my workout regime and it got me through the pandemic. I was blessed that I was at home with family and got to make the most of the last one year,” she concludes.


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