RJ Anmol reveals how he surprised Amrita Rao with ‘most expensive gift’ of his life: ‘She could not believe it’

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RJ Anmol, on the latest episode of their series Couple of Things, listed out the romantic surprises he gave his wife Amrita Rao over the years. He ended the show with his ‘drop the mic’ gesture – surprising her with a solitaire ring ahead of Valentine’s Day.

“Valentine’s Day was around the corner and I was like, ‘I have to surpass my surprises, take it to a different level altogether.’ You know girls love diamonds, diamonds are your best friend, so I was like, I have to gift her a diamond, a solitaire. We know somebody, Zaveri uncle. I called him and told him that I wanted to get a solitaire ring made for Amrita. I sneakily took your ring size,” he said. “Most expensive gift of my life,” he added.

Anmol said that he gave Amrita the ring two nights before Valentine’s Day, at a moment when she least expected it, right before going to bed. “I switched off all the lights in the bedroom. This was after marriage, of course, and I gave her that diamond ring,” he said.

“Yeah, least expected. It was not like we were at a romantic destination or dinner and he went down on his knee or something. We were about to sleep and he was like, ‘One minute, Amrita, will you open this?’” she added.

Anmol said that Amrita was indeed astonished by his gesture. “She could not believe it, it was like clean bowled 10 times,” he said. She revealed her first reaction: “I was like, is it real?” He gave her a hug and kiss on the head before saying, “You are the real diamond.”

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Amrita and Anmol began dating in 2009 and tied the knot in 2016. They welcomed their first child, Veer, in November 2020.

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