Reyhna Pandit: Earlier men would be older, now it’s okay if a woman is older in a relationship

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Actors Reyhna Pandit and Zeeshan Khan make their relationship official; she admits that their 10-year age difference doesn’t bother them.

I didn’t know that Zee was going to post the photo,” says actor Reyhna Pandit talking about her boyfriend actor Zeeshan Khan, posting a picture of them kissing on his Instagram handle. He also announced his love for the lady making their relationship official.

“He felt love at the moment went with the flow and posted it. It was a random click at one of our photoshoots. The social media announcement was a surprise, though I haven’t posted yet. I am waiting for my moment and will do when I feel it,” she quips.

Zeeshan posted this phot where he admitted to being in love with Reyhna.
Zeeshan posted this phot where he admitted to being in love with Reyhna.

The couple played the role of a mother and son in an ongoing show and got closer to each other while shooting in Goa for two months amid the last lockdown. “When you spend time with someone for a long time, you see the real person. The attraction was from both side and I guess, I was in love but I didn’t admit. We would work out, go for dinners and play games off shoot. Once we returned to Mumbai, I missed our togetherness. None of us got awkward about playing a role as we are actors. Moreover, we have an age gap of 10 years which didn’t bother us much either. He is mature for his age. He has more to him than his age. He made me comfortable and gave me confidence. Look at Priyanka Chopra, Maliaka Arora who are older to the guys they are with. Earlier the men would be older, now in a relationship, it’s okay if a woman is older than her man,” she states.

Talking about what she loves about him the most, she says, “I love his energy and the way he celebrates love. I have never met someone who sees me for myself. I see myself in him. He is my mirror. We are quite alike in terms of our approach to love, family, life, work, principles and interests. We both love adventure and fitness. What he likes about me is that he knows I am a simple person. I might seem like an outgoing, free spirited person but I am down-to-earth and simple. He saw that quality in me which often people don’t.

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