Realme GT Removed From AnTuTu Over Benchmark Cheating, Realme Refutes Allegations

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Realme GT, the flagship offering from the Chinese brand Realme has been removed from benchmarking platform AnTuTu for allegedly cheating the benchmark tests. AnTuTu posted a note on its Weibo account in order to inform users about the removal of the Realme GT from its benchmarking platform. It claimed that Realme manipulated the results of the Realme GT’s performance in the multi-threaded workload and JPG decoding sections of the AnTuTu app.

AnTuTu has said that it has decided to remove the Realme GT from its platform for three months, and has given the Chinese brand an ultimatum to provide clarity on the benchmark cheating, and modify the system to avoid manipulating results. AnTuTu said that it would otherwise remove Realme GT permanently from its listing. Realme, in its response, refuted the allegations made by the benchmarking platform, saying that the scores of Realme GT are all accurate data. In a statement to News18, Realme said, “Realme GT is equipped with the latest Snapdragon 888 5G platform, bringing users high performance. Benchmark scores of Realme GT are all accurate data under the current versions of the Antutu benchmark. Realme has always been committed to bringing users excellent performance, the actual user experience is the top priority for Realme. On the other hand, regarding the test issues doubted by both sides, we are in touch with Antutu to sort it out positively.”

The Realme GT was marketed with a score of over 7,50,000 on the AnTuTu version 8. The benchmarking platform said that the Realme GT delayed threads when running the multithreaded test on its benchmark app. This allowed the smartphone to use the fastest CPU cores, resulting in higher benchmark scores, AnTuTu said. Apart from that, AnTuTu also said that the Realme GT modified the reference JPG image used by the platform to reduce processing times and achieve a higher score. The smartphone allegedly used mosaic colour blocks instead of processing the image verbatim genuinely, to reduce its quality and cut down processing efforts, the company said.

AnTuTu also said that both delaying threads and modifying the reference image are against the purpose of giving fair benchmark results. The benchmark platform also said that it questioned Realme after finding out the discrepancies, but received no response.

This is not the first time a smartphone manufacturer has been caught cheating benchmark results. Companies like Huawei, OnePlus, and Oppo have been found cheating benchmark scores in the past. A platform named UL Benchmark even removed Oppo’s Find X and Oppo F7 from its platform over “high and misleading” scores in 2018.

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