Raqesh Bapat on relationship with Shamita Shetty: We don’t want to put any pressure on ourselves

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A recent cosy picture shared by actor Raqesh Bapat made waves as everyone assumed it was him making his romance with actor Shamita Shetty Instagram official.

However, Bapat clarifies that there’s is nothing to confirm just yet. Prod him further if there’s a formal announcement coming anytime soon about fan-favourite couple, he exclaims, “Oh my God, no way! Right now, there’s nothing. It’s a very good bond, and we’re just cherishing that. We don’t want to put ourselves under any pressure, or in any situation. If things have to happen organically, let it happen organically. If there’s anything in the future, we’re not going to be quiet about it. Everybody will get to know.”

Bapat and Shetty came closer after they recently participated in Bigg Boss OTT, and fans wondered if Cupid had struck. Soon after, a nickname — #ShaRa — was coined for the two. Their appearances together have also added fuel to the fire, especially when Bapat shared a picture of holding Shetty’s hand on a dinner date with a heart emoji.

“The dinner was just to celebrate our bond together. What is the confirmation? I don’t understand,” he quips, and continues, “We were just sitting in a restaurant. It was a good ambience. We had planned about going out for dinner someday, and we did. I just captured the moment, that’s about it.”

On the speculation that the picture confirmed their love story, Bapat says, “Yes, I know there are many speculations, and I just gave them fodder.”

Opening up about his bond with Shetty, he shares, “There’s a lot of understanding, and mutual respect. We care for each other a lot. We are each other’s support system and that’s what’s needed in any bond. When we were inside the Bigg Boss house, we didn’t think we were doing something deliberately. It just happened. You can’t cheat that.”

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