Raqesh Bapat disagrees with Salman Khan’s idea of a ‘joke’, slams Rakhi Sawant for imitating Shamita Shetty in pain

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Raqesh Bapat lashed out at Rakhi Sawant for mimicking Shamita Shetty’s expressions of pain, which was dismissed by Salman Khan as a ‘joke’. During the Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 15, Rakhi imitated how Shamita would style her hair with ease but grimace in pain while washing dishes.

“Sense of humour? Entertainment? This is clearly hitting below the belt, PERIOD. Stay safe, take care and see you soon @ShamitaShetty. Your dignity makes you a winner already. Thank you #NishantBhatt @teamnishantbhat for having her back,” Raqesh wrote on Twitter. He also shared a picture of him hugging Shamita.

Many fans supported Shamita. Replying to Raqesh’s tweet, one wrote, “I completely agree!!! This is harassment! We are sending her our good energy and positive vibes so that she can stand this madhouse! Manifesting she brings the trophy home! She is a winner for us already! SPLENDID PLAYER SHAMITA.” Another wrote, “Seriously hitting below the belt. Shamita has been playing with utmost dignity and proud of her. We love both of you.”

Over the weekend, Salman laughed at Rakhi’s impression but Shamita was unimpressed. “It’s a joke,” Salman told Shamita as she objected to her pain being mocked.  She later broke down and told Nishant Bhat that she wanted to go home.

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Evicted Bigg Boss 15 contestant Rajiv Adatia also came out in support of Shamita previously. He wrote on Instagram Stories that she ‘has been in excruciating pain’.

“When I went into the house she was doing all the washing up alone without complaining! In a task, she got injured very badly and the doctor had told her to tone it down! I used to massage her arms and back to give her relief every night. There were days she would cry in pain. She’s a strong girl! She really is trying her best. I was in the house and believe me it’s very genuine. She really is suffering from extreme shoulder pain on both sides and is taking treatment for the same,” he added.

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