Ranveer Singh on Shah Rukh Khan’s impact on Bollywood; ‘He has built this mall where we have opened small shops’

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Ranveer Singh was all praises for Shah Rukh Khan during a recent interview and hailed the actor as the pioneer in the entertainment industry. Shah Rukh, who hasn’t been seen on the screen since his 2018 film Zero, will make his comeback after four years with the action thriller Pathaan, which will also star Ranveer’s wife Deepika Padukone. Ranveer said that he can’t wait to see Shah Rukh back on the screen. Also Read| Shah Rukh Khan fans are ‘shaking, throwing up’ after Pathaan teaser release, Ranveer Singh hails ‘return of the king’

Ranveer Singh was talking about his different personalities in different situations, as he noted that filmmaker Karan Johar has told him that he has multiple people inside him. He was then told that a similar thing was said about Shah Rukh. Javed Akhtar once asked Shah Rukh’s wife Gauri Khan about him saying, “How are they?”

At the mention of Shah Rukh, Ranveer told Film Companion, “He is true greatness, that man. Shah Rukh Khan is an absolute pioneer in Indian entertainment, no doubt about it. He is king for a reason. I was joking the other day, in his presence. I was telling a third person that he won’t say himself, but inhone jo mall banaya hai usme ham apni choti dukaan chala rhe hain (he has built this mall where we are running our small shops). And that’s the truth you know, he is a pioneer, he has made Indian entertainment what it is, such is his contribution. He made award shows, live shows, advertising, film promotions. He is the benchmark, the norm, he defines it.”

As a person from the audience said Shah Rukh is a gangster, Ranveer added, “He is the original gangster, and he is a gangster sometimes. He is an absolute gangster, best. I really really really love him, and I have a great amount of respect for him, and I can’t wait to see him back on screen.”

Pathaan will release in the theatres on January 25, 2023. The action thriller by Siddharth Anand also stars John Abraham. Meanwhile, Ranveer will be seen on the screen in Jayeshbhai Jordaar, due for a release this Friday.

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