Rakhi Sawant’s husband Adil Khan Durrani finally confirms wedding; ‘Just had to handle few things…’

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Two Days after Rakhi Sawant was spotted by the paparazzi in a devastated state, crying over not being accepted by her ‘husband’ Adil Khan Durrani, the latter has finally confirmed their marriage in an Instagram post on Monday. He shared their wedding picture and said that he never denied not being married to her. Rakhi showered his post with love. Also read: Rakhi Sawant yet to be accepted by his family, says husband Adil Khan: ‘Wo process abhi chal rahi hai’

Sharing the picture, Adil wrote, “So here’s an announcement finally, I never said I am not married to you Rakhi. Just had to handle few things so had to be quiet, happy married life to us Rakhi (pappudi).” Rakhi commented on his post, “Thanks jaan lots of love,” with a couple in love and kiss and heart emojis.” Adil’s post was shared on Rakhi’s Instagram page as well.

On Sunday, Rakhi also shared a romantic video in which she looked happy in a white kurta, while posing with Adil after their supposed reunion. The video had ‘My husband, my love Adil’ written on it.

Last week, Rakhi had revealed that she got married to beau Adil in May last year. She shared photographs of their purported marriage certificate, of them signing the documents and holding the certificate in their hands. The certificate showed May 29, 2022 as their wedding date. “Finally, I’m happy so excited and got married my love is 4 Ever unconditional love for you Adil” she wrote in caption.

Rakhi had also shared an Instagram reel in which she was seen putting the garland around Adil’s neck. It seemed the wedding had a qazi officiating a ceremony.

Rakhi was previously ‘married’ to Ritesh Raj but it wasn’t legal as he was already married and had a kid. Both of them appeared together in Salman Khan’s reality show Bigg Boss 15 post which they went their different ways. Since last year, Rakhi was regularly spotted with Adil and shared romantic posts with him on Instagram. She was recently seen in a distraught state and claimed that she had doubts if this wedding was also legal or not.

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