Rakhi Sawant showers boyfriend Adil Khan with roses upon his return, he confirms ‘I love her a lot’. Watch

Rakhi Sawant showers boyfriend Adil Khan with roses upon his return, he confirms ‘I love her a lot’. Watch

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After a disappointing trip to Delhi where her boyfriend Adil Khan did not met her, Rakhi Sawant got a pleasant surprise on Wednesday night when he rushed to Mumbai to meet her. Rakhi went to the airport to receive Adil and welcomed him by showering him with rose petals. Also read: ‘All’s well’ says Rakhi Sawant’s boyfriend Adil Khan, reveals why he didn’t meet her

Adil flew down to Mumbai when Rakhi told the media Wednesday morning about how he had not met her during her trip to Delhi, following which she cried for two hours on her return flight to Mumbai.

As soon as Adil Khan walked out of the airport Wednesday night, Rakhi went running towards him and hugged him for long. Rakhi asked Adil why he didn’t meet her in Delhi, he insisted in letting it go and said, “sab kaam jhod ke aagya (have left all my work to come here),” and added, “I love Rakhi a lot.” They hugged each other several times and Adil even kissed Rakhi on her cheek as they walked towards her car. But before leaving, Rakhi told the paparazzi, “Thank you to all the janta, aapki dua se Adil aagya (Thank you to the public, your blessings have brought him here).”

Before his arrival, Rakhi waited for a long time and chatted with the paparazzi as usual. Talking about her look in a polka-dotted dress paired with red boots and a silver purse, Rakhi said, “Adil likes me to wear branded things, Versace shoes, Victoria Secret purse, iPhone. I didn’t wore brands before. Now I am myself a brand. Adil wears me because I am a brand.”

Earlier, Rakhi had come alone from Delhi where she had gone for the inauguration of a salon. She also got blonde hair extensions at the salon. She even tried to meet Adil but he did not meet her. A dejected Rakhi was spotted at the Mumbai airport in a pink salwar-suit upon her return and told the photographers about her story. As her video went viral, her fans expressed their doubt if Adil will ever come back.

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