Rajasthan schools in urban areas can hold educational activities till class 5

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Rajasthan: All pvt, govt schools in urban areas allowed to hold educational activities up to Class 5

 The Rajasthan government on Sunday permitted all private and government schools in urban areas to hold educational activities up to class 5. 

The orders of the Home Department will come into effect from February 16.

The Home Department on Sunday issued fresh guidelines to all private and government schools in urban areas of the state to conduct educational activities up to class 5.

Students would only be allowed to come to campus for studies after the written consent of their parents or guardian. The facility of online study would continue like earlier.

According to a government statement, all the restrictions imposed by guidelines, orders, and revised orders issued earlier to prevent the spread of coronavirus had been cancelled and new guidelines were issued.

The new guidelines stated that the head of institution or departments or of the office, operator of institutions or of commercial establishments would have to issue a notice about the number of staff that has been inoculated with both the doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.  

In case of any violation, action would be taken by the dministration according to the rules. 

The guidelines stated that it would be mandatory for all passengers coming to Rajasthan from abroad to have their RT-PCR test done by the airport Covid team on their arrival at the destination.

According to the instructions, till the RTPCR test report comes negative, the passenger would be kept in institutional or home isolation for seven days.

At the same time, it would be mandatory for passengers travelling to the state by domestic air travel or trains to submit a certificate of both their vaccine doses or an RT-PCR negative test report done within 72 hours of the start of the journey.  

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