Railyatri's 7 lakh passengers Data leaked

Railyatri’s 7 lakh passengers Data leaked, the report revealed

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A piece of big news related to the Indian ticket booking platform Railyatri has been revealed in which it has been informed that this platform has been hacked. According to the information given in the report, hackers have stolen information such as users’ location, UPI ID, payment login, bus booking, e-mail ID, name and mobile number, by breaking into the server of Railyatri. Information about this incident came from a report by Next Web. However, no confirmation has been made by Railyatri yet.

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According to a report by Next Web, the leak was detected by cybersecurity company Safety Detectives on August 10. The company says that about 7 lakh users’ information has been leaked from the railway passenger’s server, including name, address, and ticket booking details. Apart from this, information about the credit and debit cards of the users has also been leaked. Now the company has shut down the server for some time, but so far there has been no response from the railway passenger on this matter.

Earlier on August 12, hackers deleted the store data on the server through the Meow bot attack. Let me tell you that Meow bot is a new way of a cyber attack, which deletes information like Elasticsearch, Redis, and MongoDB on the server without any permission. The attack was revealed by the Safety Detectives company.

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Data of 23 crore users leaked

Recently, data of about 230 million users of Instagram, TicketLock, and YouTube was leaked. According to Forbes by security researchers, user data was spread across multiple datasets and profile records were snatched from Instagram. Among the data leaked, 4.2 crore Ticketok users belong to it and 40 million are from YouTube users. The rest of the data is from the Instagram user. One of the five records included the user’s telephone number or email ID, profile name, full real name, profile photo, account details, number of followers and likes, etc.

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Bischoff said in the report, “Although the data is publicly accessible, it is highly valuable due to its leaking as a database.” According to the researchers, ‘Leaked data points of a company called Deep Social were banned by both Facebook and Instagram in 2018 after rushing users’ profile data. According to a Facebook spokesperson, ‘stealing people’s information from Instagram is a clear violation of our policies. We blocked Deep Social’s access to our platform in June 2018 and sent them a legal notice. ‘

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