Rahul Gandhi at Chintan Shivir: Need to revive connect with people, accept that it was broken

Rahul Gandhi at Chintan Shivir: Need to revive connect with people, accept that it was broken

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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday stressed upon the need to connect with people, saying this was not possible through “any shortcut”. Speaking at the concluding day of the three-day brainstorming session, ‘Chintan Shivir’, in Udaipur, Gandhi said, “We have to revive our connection with people and need to accept that it was broken down. We will strengthen it. This will not happen with any shortcut, it requires hard work.”

To strengthen connect with people, the Congress will take out nationwide yatra in October.

He pointed out that the Congress has always provided a platform to people for deliberations without fear and worry. “Which other political party in this country would allow this type of conversation? Certainly, the BJP, and RSS would never allow such a thing. India is a union of states, people of India come together to form the union,” he added.

Expressing concerns about the future of India under the BJP, Gandhi said, “Conversations are not allowed in India today; we see conversations being muzzled and we do not understand its consequences… There is fear that our demographic dividend will turn into demographic disaster; BJP govt responsible for it.”

Addressing the Congress workers, Gandhi promised to carry on the fight along with them. “I want to tell all Congress workers & leaders that you don’t need to be scared. This country believes in truth. I’m with you for the rest of my life,” he said, adding that he has never been corrupt in his life, never taken any money and hence he is not scared. “And will fight,” he stated.

Gandhi also highlighted the need to strengthen itself as a primary national opposition party and said no regional regional party can fight like the Congress. “No regional party can fight this because this is a fight of ideologies…This is a fight to save the future of the country,” he said.

Gandhi further voiced his support for the just-adopted ‘one family, one ticket’ rule and backed the idea of keeping a certain number of position in the party for young members. “The idea that a certain number of positions should be for younger people is an important idea… I think the time has come we do this aggressively…”

He said that there should be a good balance of young and old people when it comes to District Congress Councils and Pradesh Congress Councils so that they can take on the “vicious propaganda” and “divisive policies” of RSS.

–With inputs from PTI, ANI

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