PUBG New State registration goes live in India for Android, iOS. Details here

PUBG New State registration goes live in India for Android, iOS. Details here

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Krafton studio has announced that PUBG New State is now available on pre-registration for users on Android’s Google Play Store and Apple’s iOS App Store. The new game was first launched globally in the month of February this year but Krafton decided to set aside the official launch in India for a much later date as the brand was trying to iron out problems with the launch of another version of PUBG, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

The pre-registration are open on both Android and iOS. The game will be a free download on the respective app stores. The game is yet to launch and has already accrued around 32 million pre-registrations globally.

What’s new with PUBG New State

  • The game remains an online multiplayer Battle Royale with 100 players contesting to survive each other. However, users will notice a dramatic change in the visuals of the gameplay.
  • PUBG New State will come with “ultra-realistic graphics” according to the description provided by Krafton. PUBG New State will use global illumination technology to provide a natural flow of light within the game.
  • It will also use Vulkan(API) to provide stable service with improved performance and optimization.
  • The maps are expected to be completely new and will be set in an “anarchic” 2051
  • The game will get upgraded mechanics which includes dodging, drone calls, and support request
  • New futuristic vehicles will also be introduced in the PUBG New State game with the option of a first-person view while driving.
  • Within the game, there will be various objectives that can help turn the tables, even for players in a weak position

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