Priyanka Chopra is an inspiration for me: Addinath Kothare

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Actor and producer Addinath Kothare has had an eventful year in 2021. The year taught him “patience” and also marked his Hindi film debut with Kabir Khan’s directorial. If that was not it, the year also got him a new audience, courtesy of his chiseled body.

“I was always fitness conscious, especially since I became an actor. However, it went to another level when I started working on Paani (2019),” shares Kothare. The Marathi film not only made the audience notice his physique but also got him a National Award for his acting. Interestingly, the movie was produced by actor-producer Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

“There was an emotional moment that happened when I was in the UK shooting for the Hindi film,” says Kothare sharing a heartwarming anecdote with Chopra. “The National Awards were just announced. When I came back to my hotel room post the shoot, I found a bottle of champagne on a table. It was sent by Priyanka; what an absolute human being she is,” narrates Kothare. He reveals how she found out details about Kothare’s hotel, room and arranged the bottle through Mini Mathur.

“She took the effort to make me feel special. She has been hands-on as a producer. She is a role model and a pure inspiration for me. No matter how progressive we are, it is difficult for women, and being a woman, she has climbed such heights. She has proved her mettle purely on her talent and that gives me hope (that talent is valued). I strive every day to be like her. She is a driving force me,” shares Kothare.

Another girl who is special to Kothare is his daughter, who is “coming of age”. “Till now it has been all about her mother, now the father’s character is getting introduced in the screenplay,” he laughs. Ask him, what kind of father he believes he is, he quickly says, “Urmila (Kothare, wife) is a Mother India, and I’m not Father India yet, (But) I’m a fun father.”

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