Priyank Sharma recalls opening up to parents about his ‘lifestyle’, not being ‘judged’ by them

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Actor Priyank Sharma has opened up about having a difficult conversation about his ‘lifestyle, career, and the people controlling them’ with his parents. Priyank was in the news recently after Vikas Gupta lobbed allegations against him.

In an interview, Priyank Sharma was asked how he felt after his parents were dragged into situations they shouldn’t have been involved in at all. He said that he bawled his heart about to them, and was surprised by their reaction.

He told Zoom, “It gets very difficult. Especially at that age, when you’re figuring… And in some different city. You might end up not telling a lot about your lifestyle to your parents, because they’ll end up getting worried about you. That was again the same thought process for me. I was stuck. But when I had my fallout, I was not able to handle it. It was damaging me, my mental health, as a person, changing my personality. So it was giving me a lot of sleepless nights as well.”

He continued, “I ended up going to mum and dad, and I just blabbered. And I told them, this is how I’m stuck with these kind of people. That they’re trying to control me, maybe manipulate my life… When I went to mum and dad… They are the best. Sometimes I just want to tell all the people out there, you will actually end up underestimating your parents and the kind of maturity that they can sometimes have. I went to them, and the way they handled me, I was so relaxed. And suddenly, woh jo hota hai na pahaad, woh toot gaya (a burden was lifted off my back). I was so relieved that I’m not getting judged by my parents, or whatever I’m dealing with in Bombay city. I was with not very great people, and it wasn’t suiting me.”

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He remembered crying in front of his parents, and gave into his emotions about what he was dealing with. He expressed gratitude for what he has, but was worried about losing everything he values. “Luckily, my parents were my friends, and they helped me beautifully,” he said.

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