Priti Amin: After an eight-year hiatus, I feel a lot has changed

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After working for over a decade, Dil Mil Gaye actor Priti Amin left the industry for eight years. She felt she needed a desperate break to rejuvenate herself.

“After twelve years I had reached a saturation point. It was work, work and only work for me and in my mind, I knew it was time. I wanted to do away with a regular actor’s life, full of light, camera and action. I wanted to explore a simple life and find purpose of my existence. It was this thought that made me take a long break and lead a path of spirituality. I found solace in Vipassana and joined camps here as well as abroad,” says the actor of Jhoome Jiya Re and Bhaskar Bharti fame.

“I feel today, I’m much stronger and an enriched being. I got to spend blissful time with my family in all these years. During the lockdown I also tried farming and it brought me close to my roots. It was only last year that a casting team approached me. I gave it a thought and took up the offer. Because I conditioned myself to just go with the flow so, here I’m back on the sets. I very well know how to balance life and work all thanks to my well-deserved hiatus,” she says.

“A lot has changed and things are surprisingly different now. Technology, make-up pattern is so delightful but at the same time pressure has increased manifold. Youngsters are not only under work stress but also under umpteen social media and peer pressure. Mujhe toh vapas aake pata chala ke itna zaroori hogaya yeh social media image workup. It’s sad to see many school and college going kids who are working here and are unable to take the load. Many are falling prey to it, imagine no one knows a smiling face you see today could lose the battle to stress and depression,” the actor says.

Currently Amin is shooting for two ongoing shows, “I play a simple yet challenging role of friend and mother in Katha Ankahee whereas the other one has me essaying a tricky character. So, for now, all is good when it comes to work,” she concludes.

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