Pokemon Go introduces new restrictions for Remote Raid Passes. Check details

Pokemon Go introduces new restrictions for Remote Raid Passes. Check details

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Niantic has recently published a blog post regarding upcoming modifications to the Remote Raid Pass feature in Pokemon GO. Remote Raid Passes enable players to participate in raids from a distance, without requiring physical proximity to the gym where the raid is taking place.

Although Remote Raid Passes and the idea of remote raiding have faced their fair share of criticisms, Niantic seems to be pressing forward with their plan to gradually eliminate Remote Raid Passes from Pokemon GO.

Niantic, which had previously emphasized its dedication to in-person raiding, has recently revealed a new blog post that announces additional modifications to Remote Raid Passes. Unfortunately, many of these changes have been met with disapproval from the Pokemon GO community.

Rather than focusing on the community’s potential reaction, it’s worthwhile to examine the specific alterations that will be implemented in the near future with regards to remote raiding.

Starting from April 6, 2023, Niantic will initiate the implementation of the updated Remote Raid Pass modifications, which are likely to remain in effect unless further changes are announced.

The cost of Remote Raid Passes has been raised across both bulk and individual purchases. Furthermore, Niantic has imposed a strict limit on the number of remote raids that players can participate in per day.

While the recent changes to Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon GO have drawn criticism from the community, Niantic has introduced some positive adjustments as well. For instance, players can now earn Remote Raid Passes as rewards for completing Research breakthroughs. However, the maximum number of Remote Raid Passes a player can hold remains three.

That said, the cost of Remote Raid Passes has increased, with a single pass now priced at 195 Pokecoins, while a pack of three passes costs 525 Pokecoins. Additionally, Niantic has limited the number of remote raids a player can participate in per day to five, although this cap may be lifted during certain events.

In-person 5-star raids now offer more XL Candy rewards than remote raids, and these changes indicate Niantic’s efforts to reduce the frequency of remote raiding post-COVID-19.

Despite community backlash, Niantic seems committed to phasing out remote raiding, which could further isolate players who are unable to participate in in-person raids due to factors such as weather, location, or time constraints.



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