PM Modi bats for local languages in courts, CJI Ramana reminds judges of ‘Lakshman Rekha’

PM Modi bats for local languages in courts, CJI Ramana reminds judges of ‘Lakshman Rekha’

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the Joint Conference of Chief Ministers and Chief Justices of High Courts on Saturday, advocated the use of local languages in courts, stating that it would boost the confidence of the common people in the justice system.

“We need to encourage local languages in courts. This will not only increase the confidence of common citizens in the justice system, but they will feel more connected to it,” Modi, who had inaugurated the conference earlier in the day, said.

The Prime Minister said that the focus of the country, which completes 75 years of Independence this year, should be on creation of a judicial system where justice is easily available, is quick and for everyone.

The Prime Minister also appealed to the chief ministers to repeal outdated laws to make delivery of justice easier. “In 2015, we identified about 1,800 laws which had become irrelevant. Out of these, 1,450 such laws of the Centre were abolished. But, only 75 such laws have been abolished by the states,” he said.

The conference was also addressed by the Chief Justice of India N V Ramana. Saying that the Constitution provides a clear separation among the three organs of the state, he added, “While discharging our duty, we should be mindful of Lakshman Rekha.”

Voicing his concern over the use of Public Interest Litigations, the Chief Justice stated: “PILs have now turned into “Personal Interest Litigation” and are used to settle personal scores.”

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