PM holds meet with top officers, asks them to ideate on good governance

PM holds meet with top officers, asks them to ideate on good governance

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is learnt to have given space to the top bureaucrats to speak their mind and ideate on good governance during a marathon two-and-a-half-hour-long meeting on Saturday.

More than 20 Union secretaries shared their ideas in the meeting, and Modi was the last to speak, The Sunday Express has learnt.

All ministries working in sync with each other, and the government leveraging big data to deliver governance solutions featured as a major theme in the meeting, it is learnt.

“The Prime Minister was very receptive to these suggestions,” a secretary who took part in the meeting said.

One of the topics raised by several officers at the meeting was the use of data as a “major national resource”. The secretary quoted above said, “A number of people suggested this. All government departments generate a lot of data — how do you use this and technology to improve governance and make it more efficient? It was discussed that a government department should have access to data generated by every other government department so that decision-making can become more comprehensive and efficient.”

Modi, it is learnt, asked the secretaries to use technology and data in decision-making.

“One of the secretaries suggested that our education and skill programme should be aligned to meet the requirements in view of the new drone regulations so that the ecosystem can be developed,” a source said.

While appreciating this idea, Modi is learnt to have asked the officers to think about demands of other departments and try to “align” functioning of their departments, the officer said. For instance, the department dealing with agricultural research can align its research programmes according to needs of other departments, the officer added.

Earlier this month, the government had notified drone rules, a much more liberalised regime for unmanned aircraft systems than what existed previously.

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